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FG - Discus multi-disc machine

€ 6,794.90

Universal, innovative grinding machine. With a motor output of 2.9 KW, it is ideal for cleaning, grinding, smoothing and polishing work on any surface.

Cordless miter rail saw KSS 40 18M bl PUR. in the T-MAX
€ 810.39

Cordless miter rail saw KSS 40 18M bl PUR. in the T-MAX.  The cordless saw system - ideal for shadow gaps, longitudinal, bevel, plunge and angle cuts or also for freehand cuts. Ideal for planks - laying

Precision jigsaw P1 cc MaxiMAX in the T-MAX

€ 534.31

Präzisionsstichsäge P1 cc MaxiMAX im T-MAX

Durch ihr ergonomisches Design mit niedrigem Druckpunkt und Softeinlagen liegt die P1 cc in jeder Situation optimal in der Hand. Das durchdachte Zubehör verleiht der P1 cc eine einzigartige Vielseitigkeit.

Precision jigsaw P1 cc MaxiMAX in the T-MAX

Thanks to its ergonomic design with a low pressure point and soft inserts, the P1 cc sits perfectly in the hand in every situation. The well thought-out accessories give the P1 cc a unique versatility.

Underfloor pull saw ERIKA 70

€ 5,117.00

ERIKA 85: Extremely stable table profile, swivel range from -3° to 48°, a lowerable riving knife and the maximum cutting length of 430 mm.

Router adapter LO-FA
€ 4,188.80

Router adapter LO-FA

Technical specifications

Guide rod lengths 450 mm

Milling radius 97 - 380 mm

Height compensation 6 mm

Drill hole diameter compass pin 4.5 mm

Weight 1.2kg

Adjustment of stop jaws 0 - 54 mm

Featured Products

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